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Breakin Balls Food Truck


Breakin’Balls Food Truck (BBFT) is all about giving it to you straight and serving food that tastes great. Featuring our signature rice balls and an eclectic Mediterranean-inspired menu, our food is an experience you’ll never forget.

But we’ll be real with you. Our Italian and Greek founder, Aris Alexiadis, is famous for being a little blunt. Some may call it in-your-face; we like to call it passion. So, don’t be surprised if he hands you the best rice ball you’ve ever had and tells you to just ” Shaddup ‘n’ eat! “

He also doesn’t follow silly food trends, serve dishes that look better than they taste or compromise on the tradition of local, organic ingredients. So, no unicorn frappés or charcoal-activated croissants here – we’re all about fresh and healthy cuisine that will leave you saying ” Why you gotta taste so good?  “

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